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Tegra Tab 7 spotted in AnTuTu

by on12 August 2013

Short of Shield, but not bad

Nvidia’s unannounced Tegra Tab tablet has popped up in AnTuTu, with a decent score to boot.

The device, designated TegraTab7-Premium was running Android 4.2.2. and it was clocked at 1810MHz. It scored 27643, which is a pretty good score but it’s slower than Nvidia’s Shield. However, the Shield has a massive battery and for a 7-inch Tablet Nvidia might have to dial things down a bit. This also indicates that it is a Tegra 4 product, not a T3 or the upcoming T4i. However, although it ends up with a nice score in AnTuTu, it still has a 1280x800 display, so anyone going for a high-res device will be better off with a new Nexus 7.

The 7-inch Android market is getting overcrowded and even the hottest tablets like the Nexus 7 aren’t selling very well. This doesn’t leave much room for Nvidia or any other player. Nvidia hopes to differentiate the Tegra Tab from a heap of similar tablets with a faster processor and stylus support. We still don’t know the price and that should give us an idea of what it’s up against.

However, we still believe most people will pick up a Nexus 7, which features a higher resolution screen and unparalleled software support, but it also has a slower processor. In other words, Nvidia’s Tegra Tab must end up cheaper than the new Nexus 7 and that won’t be easy.

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