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Z77 Ivy Bridge boards could launch today

by on06 January 2012

CPUs still not ready

Motherboard manufacturers are telling us that some of their Z77 based motherboards are ready and could launch today.

They have been testing them for months now and silicon ready for production is already available. Our sources indicate that if Intel had enough CPUs, they would simply launch the boards within weeks. The big thing that this platform brings is native USB 3.0 support, something that we’ve all been missing for a while, at least on Intel platforms.

In real life Z67 or any other 6-series boards had USB 3.0 via third party controllers, but for the most part this one was working quite fine. Let’s see if Intel’s implementation can make things faster, and cheaper for that matter.

Despite this, Intel still looks like a winner, as it will simply overtake its own part of the market, currently dominated by 6-series chipset. Intel also has business version of chipset in the works, and talking a lot of care about security these days is quite appealing for business users.

The Z77 looks like a decent chipset and platform, provided you can wait for new CPUs.

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