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Electric car finally gets a bit of distance

by on10 October 2019

I can drive 1000 miles, recharge, and then drive a 1000 more

Californian startup Aptera Motors says that it has come up with an electric car that can drive 1,000 miles without a top-up.

Like the Reliant Robin, the solar-powered Aptera is a three wheeler but unlike that signature motor it can start without needing a push and it does not look too ugly.

However, there is a bit of a backstory to Aptera. The company was founded in 2005 and initially took deposits from customers for a 300mpg hybrid that looked curiously like the new EV. However, it was liquidated in 2011.

Now it seems to have been jumpstarted back from the dead with an electric-powered, teardrop-shaped car with some lightweight composite body-panels and an efficient regenerative braking system.


Aptera claims the solar panels on the roof will provide 11,000 miles of range per year – meaning you might never need to plug it in.

The Aptera will cost somewhere between $36,000 - $59,000, which is quite a wide range to be aiming for. Although prices will be kept down by the fact that there are only 10 key structural parts.

The company wants to make 10,000 cars by 2022 and that pre-orders will open soon.


Last modified on 10 October 2019
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