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Assassin?s Creed coming soon

by on11 October 2007


Claims Ubisoft


Assassin’s Creed, winner of the “Best of E3 2006 “award is due out very soon according to Reuters. After an initial awesome teaser video was released earlier this year, a subsequent video clip has met with astonishing popularity, and the game developers at Ubisoft couldn’t be happier.

The game is set in the time of the 3rd Crusade somewhere during the 12th centuary, and you are part of an elite Assassin cult. Your subsequent actions determine if you achieve you goals or not. The crowds will interact with you, apposing or assisting you in your endeavors. Your movements seem to be unlimited as displayed in the video; you can climb, jump, pounce and prowl at your leisure, honing the skills you have gained as an Assassin, and evolving them to shape and influence the events of that time.

You are an Assassin warrior cult figure called Altair, and your mission is to stop hostilities between both sides by eliminating those who would cause trouble. Your influence is paramount as you plan your moves in veiled secrecy.

The game will be released for many different platforms including Sony PS3, Microsoft’s X360 & Windows PC.

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