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Activision scores a win on Scratch Delay

by on17 April 2009


First round seems to go to Activision

As we told you yesterday, the legal wrangling between Activision and Genius Products regarding Scratch: The Ultimate DJ has resulted in the first round going to Activision, with the court refusing to grant a restraining order on the basis that there was no evidence of wrongdoing by Activision.

Activision didn’t really even let the setback for Genius Products sink in before saying that, “…The allegations are nothing more than an attempt by Genius to place blame for the delay of Scratch on Activision while diverting attention from the cash flow, liquidity, and revenue challenges that Genius detailed in its March SEC filing.”

Activision claims that it has no responsibility for the delay of the product in development by Studio 7 and, in fact, Activision has provided the developer with much needed funding to continue to be able to complete the project.

Genius cannot be happy with this latest development or the news that Activision says that the company’s own DJ Hero product is not being impacted by the suit. Our sources claim that Genius will continue the assault on the legal front, as they still believe that they have a case. At this point it is anyone’s guess where this will go in the end.

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