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DSi cart compatibility a non-issue

by on17 April 2009


Problems stem from dirty contacts, in most cases

We have been receiving some reports about legitimate Nintendo DS cartridges that would not work on the DSi. It seems from what we have been able to uncover to this point the reports seem to be false; it isn’t some new anti-piracy technology or poor compatibility that is causing the cartridges not to work, but it is, in fact, dust and dirty contacts that are likely the culprit.

Our sources tell us that that Nintendo has been receiving calls about the issue and they have found that most of the issues center around poorly stored and maintained cartridges and not any sort of compatibility or anti-piracy issue. The number of people having problems is small and the manufacturer is not seeing this issue in its own testing.

We suggest that you clean the contacts and try again if you are having problems. We have not seen a problem with any of the DS cartridges we have tried in the DSi, which does not mean that a problem does not exist; but for the moment, despite the widespread rumors we believe that a real compatibility problem is unlikely.
Last modified on 17 April 2009
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