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Forza 3 to get 250GB LE Xbox

by on18 September 2009


Only for EU market so far and no paint job

Well, it seems that Microsoft just is having fun rolling out the Limited Edition Xbox 360 consoles, and this time we get the scoop as we had already predicted:  Forza 3 will get a 250GB Limited Edition Xbox 360, but it will only be available in the EU market so far.

Like the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Limited Edition model, the Forza 3 Limited Edition will feature the elusive 250GB hard drive that is all the talk since it was officially announced yesterday. Unlike the CODMW2 Limited Edition, however, it will not be getting a custom paint job, but instead will sport the standard black.

While it, of course, will feature Forza 3 instead of CODMW2 as the pack in title, it will take a cue from the recently announced Halo edition Elite bundle that was also announced for the PAL territories and include two controllers instead of one.

It is slated to retail for £249, or $411 US, if you are keeping score; and it will arrive on October 23rd. Our sources tell us that Microsoft has not yet made a final decision about bringing this bundle to North America, but depending on the pre-order sales on the CODMW2 console, Microsoft might elect to make this console available in North America, as well. We should hear more soon, as if they are going to bring it to North America, they will not want to miss out on the Forza 3 pre-orders that would be possible from potential buyers who want both.

Last modified on 18 September 2009
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