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BlackRock Studio developing new racing title

by on29 June 2010

Unannounced title isn’t a sequel for Split/Second or Pure

Sources tell us that Disney-owned developer, BlackRock Studios, is apparently working on a new racing title. The new racing title that has yet to be announced is apparently not a sequel for either Split/Second or Pure, which are the studio’s last two releases. Our sources whisper to us that the new title is apparently a brand new property.

The news might come as a shock to those expecting a sequel to the recently released Split/Second, or those still hopeful for a revival of the canceled Pure sequel that was apparently killed by Disney in favor of Split/Second. Disney spoke a lot about BlackRock establishing a new franchise with Split/Second, but apparently that will have to wait for the time being.

Both Split/Second and Pure have received a lot of awards and critical acclaim, but the shadows tell us that this has not necessarily translated in the kinds of sales numbers with these releases that Disney was looking for. Our sources tell us that the company still has confidence in the studio’s abilities and is pleased with their work, but surely would like to see higher sales numbers.

Our secret shadows claims do seem to be backed up by a recent job listing for the studio that indicates that the studio is looking for a Technical Art Director to “…work on an unannounced game for the Xbox 360 and PS3.” In addition, the position requirements suggest that “…the candidate must have a passion for games, but particularly for racing titles….” Of course, no one is yet talking what BlackRock might be up to, but it must be something important for Disney to put the Split/Second sequel on hold.
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