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New SSX is in development

by on08 December 2010

Reboot being handled by EA Canada
Sources are telling us that early rumors that were fueled by some SSX-related domain registrations appear to have been more real that we first thought. Whispers now indicate that a new SSX title has been in development at EA Canada for some time using a number of the developers from the Skate team.

According to what we have been able to unearth from a deep throat claiming to be in the know, it will be a release for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 and will offer a number of concepts that are looking to expand SSX into some new areas. Apparently, it is still up in the air which features and type of game play will make the final release.

The biggest question might be if it will be arcade or simulation oriented; and from what we are told it will for sure be an arcade-oriented title that is faithful to the SSX tradition. Expect an announcement to come soon, but we are hearing a plan for a fall release for the new SSX offering.

We hear some suggesting that a trailer for the new SSX could be shown during the VGA awards, but that is still something that we can’t yet confirm.
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