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PS3 to get Orb Blu-ray software

by on10 January 2011

Give you an Internet TV portal for $20
PlayStation 3 owners who have been waiting to be able to do more Internet TV streaming with their PS3s will be excited to learn that they are going to get that chance, as Orb Caster is coming to PS3.

The Orb Caster product, which takes advantage of the Blu-ray programmability capability of the PS3, will turn your PS3 into an Internet TV portal that allows access to a number of video services such as Hulu, Netflix, YouTube, and Amazon Video on Demand, for starters. The software is solid and will retail for a projected $20 when released.

The Orb software will support 720p and 1080p HD resolutions, but, of course, not all content will be available in those resolutions. Over the long haul, the Orb Internet TV solution will add more content and abilities, including Internet TV solutions similar to what you are seeing with Boxee and Google TV if it proves popular.

Currently, the company is on track for a release at some point in February.

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