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PlayStation Network still down

by on26 April 2011

Credit Card theft unlikely because of SSL
While the PlayStation Network is still down as Sony continues to work on it, the big news has been the amount of rumbling by many who are wondering if their credit card data was subject to breach due to the intrusion.

According to a number of sources we spoke with, they believe that the risk for those on unmodified consoles is pretty small. Mainly the reason for this is that PSN uses industry standard SSL to do secure transfers of sensitive information, just as online retailers use. It is believed that the risk gets higher with those using custom firmware (or hacked firmware), which may or may not be as secure as the latest authorized firmware from Sony.

The latest news we have regarding when the network might be back up is still vague. According to what our sources tell us, Sony is throwing pretty much all available resources at getting PSN back up. Sources whisper to us that Sony does realize that this situation has given PSN a large black eye, and they need to correct the problems now so it never happens again. This is the strategy that they are going with, no matter how long it takes.

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