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Next Fable in 2013?

by on23 August 2011

Lionhead is working on 4th installment
While we know that Lionhead is working on Fable 4 as well as Fable: The Journey which is a Kinect title, little is known about what Lionhead is actually planning as far as a release timetable; but rumors that seem to have started from OXM’s October issue suggest that Fable 4 will not arrive till 2013.

Lionhead will finish Fable: The Journey ahead of Fable 4 and it continues to be rumored for release next year during the holiday season. It is expected that both games will figure heavily in Microsoft’s presentation at E3 next year.

Look for the first trailer for Fable 4 and a release date for Fable: The Journey. We will just have to see if all this talk actually pans out or not.

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