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Nintendo reveals Miiverse for Wii U

by on04 June 2012

Wii U

Interface/social network

In its pre-E3 video presentation, Nintendo broke news of Miiverse – Wii U’s main interface and a social network at the same time that the company is quite enthusiastic about.

Miiverse will be up as soon as you power up your console and will show you other Miis, i.e. users, and what they are playing. Additionally, you’ll also see people from your regional Wii U network and what they are currently playing.

The company put a big accent on communication and Miiverse promises much in that respect. It will allow for communication at any time, whether it’s typed or handwritten text, expressing emotion via your avatar, sharing in-game screenshots or game footage, video chatting and even drawing in doodles within your messages.

Wii U’s controller will make things easy as well, in case your TV is far away and that's not all. In fact, the company claims to have focused on the controller screen as the main tool for social networking. 

Nintendo says that users who own 3DS devices, PCs and smartphones will also be able to jump aboard Miiverse eventually. The company noted that this will not be possible upon launch. You can check out the presentation below. And seriously, Nintendo is master of making things just look darn adorable.

Last modified on 04 June 2012
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