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BlackOps 2 editions finally outed

by on29 August 2012

Plenty of choices for the COD faithful

In addition to the standard Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 standard edition, three more choices will be available for the COD faithful. Activision is planning a Hardened Edition, a Digital Deluxe Edition for the PC only, and the Care Package Edition.

The Care Package Edition will be the one to draw the most interest, with its actual flying remote control craft and a price tag to match at $179.99.

The Hardened Edition is likely to be the popular choice for BlackOps 2 players that want a taste of the exclusivity without the price tag. It is slated to retail for $79.99. It will include a number of extras, including the steelbox case.

The Deluxe Digital Edition for the PC only will go for $80 and give PC players a taste of the limited Hardened Edition stuff, but will be tailored for those in the PC’s digital realm.

The tool box packaging that will come with the Care Package Edition is impressive, as well as the collection of stuff that will be included. Of course, if you want it, you had better pre-order it right away; the edition will be very limited and pre-ordering is the only way that you can assure you will get one.

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