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Forza Horizon gets free expansion pack

by on17 April 2013

1,000 new challenges & 10 more Achievements

In a surprise move, Playground Games has confirmed that Forza Horizon will get a new free expansion pack that players can now download on Xbox Live. The new DLC Expansion Pack is called “The Forza Horizon 1000 Club Expansion Pack.”

The new expansion pack contains 1,000 new challenges, 10 new Achievements that you can rack up an additional 250 points in gamer scores with, and two new bonus cars. The bonus cars are the 1995 RUF CTR2 and 1956 Ford F100 pickup Truck.

The new challenges run the gambit of just about everything in the game. New challenges for speed, racing, driving skills, and stunts are all included. The most fun, however, might be some of the new location-based challenges such as the road trips.

While the majority of the new challenges can be completed with the cars included with the game, some will require specific cars that came from other DLC car packs that have been released. This will be great news for those who already have them, because they purchased the Forza Horizon Season Pass; but those that did not might be tempted to purchase some of them to complete some of these specific challenges.

As for additional DLC content for Forza Horizon, there has yet to be an official word on the subject. Neither Turn 10 nor Playground Games has said anything official. Some already are thinking that this could be the last of it, but we would not be surprised to see the game get some additional DLC packs if the title continues to remain popular.

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