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Xbox One will not include wired headset

by on26 June 2013

Will be a separate purchase instead this time

Microsoft will not be throwing in the customary wired headset with the new Xbox One. In the past, Microsoft has always included a wired headset for use in online gaming; but this time around, it will be sold separately.

The reason for this is apparently so that you can use the Microsoft Kinect that is included with the Xbox One to communicate on Xbox Live. So, while Microsoft realizes that the headset is a “got to have” for online gaming, they appear content to make a buck instead and have the attitude that not everyone needs a wired headset.

Microsoft has not announced what they will be selling this wired headset for when it is released with the Xbox One. Also, the company has not yet announced any plans to offer a wireless headset, but we suspect that they will be offering one of these at some point. It seems a little troubling to us that Microsoft has decided not to throw in a wired headset that costs them very little, when Sony has confirmed that they will be throwing in a wired headset as part of the PlayStation 4 package.

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