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Nintendo talking to indie developers

by on25 July 2013

Not making a big deal about doing so

Nintendo is talking to indie developers about the Wii U and trying to bring indie developers into the fold. The difference is that Nintendo isn’t making a big deal about doing so. It has preferred to work behind the scenes instead of making a big deal about it.

Nintendo is apparently trying to build bridges with developers in hopes of having long term relationships. This is a good approach, but apparently not all developers are being welcomed with open arms at this point. Japanese indie developers need not apply at this point.

Nintendo has a ways to go according to rumors we hear. This has to with making their development tools accessible and being more open about their hardware. Of course it is obvious that they want to increase the amount of games in the eShop, but it is going to take time as Nintendo has never tackled something like this before.

Still the move is good news for Wii U owners as the platform can use all of the software it can get. Only more titles will really make a difference at this point.

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