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Microsoft will allow self-publishing

by on25 July 2013

Retail systems to be used as dev kits

Microsoft has confirmed that they will allow indie style self-publishing on the Xbox One. In addition any retail Xbox One can also be used as a development kit. It is not clear how retail systems will be put into or used in development mode.

Microsoft says that it will have more information on the self-publishing program and how it will work at the upcoming Gamescom in August. It will be very interesting to see what Microsoft has planned for its self-publishing support.

For indie developers their remain a significant number of questions that Microsoft will have to answer. The company has talked about streamlining their certification process to make it take less time and get it down to a two week time frame as developers have been on other platforms. Again details about this are also sketchy at best, but we look for Microsoft to fill in at least some of these blanks at Gamescon.

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