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Kinect-less Xbox One in 2014?

by on25 July 2013

Microsoft says it has no plans to do so

Sources are claiming that Microsoft is planning to offer a Xbox One model that would not include the Kinect and smaller hard drive. Of course the reason for Microsoft to do so would be to bring down the price of the Xbox One.

The company has responded to these rumors claiming that it has no plans to offer a Xbox One model without Kinect. The company goes on to say that it believes that the Kinect brings value to both the games and entertainment. The Microsoft statement also goes on to say that the $499 price tag for the Xbox One is a great value for what customers receive.

Besides what we have read elsewhere, some of the analysts that we spoke with tell us that they would not be surprised to see Microsoft deploy such a strategy to bring the price of the Xbox One down. “It does seem reasonable that Microsoft would consider this strategy at some point, but it will look at the sales numbers first”, as one analyst told us.

Our take on this is simply “wait and see”, we have seen Microsoft adjust their strategy in the past to respond to the market.

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