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Kinect Sports Rivals is delayed

by on29 July 2013

Will not make Xbox One launch

Rare’s Kinect Sports Rivals for Xbox One will miss the launch of Microsoft’s new console at the title has been delayed till Spring of 2014. The decision to delay the title is said to be to give Rare extra time to polish the game to ensure that it is a quality title when it is released.

The new Kinect Sports Rivals will feature Climbing, Wake Racing, Soccer, Target Shooting, Bowling, and Tennis. It is among the only announced Kinect centered titles for the Xbox One and the news that it will not make the launch of the new console can’t not be viewed as good news by Microsoft. The Kinect Sports titles have been among the most popular titles on the Xbox 360 with Kinect.

Microsoft can’t afford to lose “Day One” launch titles and rumors continue that other titles could be pushed till next year as well. We expect to get a better idea at Gamescon on which titles will arrive between launch day and the end of the year for the new console.

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