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AMD's Ritche Corpus talks Never Settle forever and beyond

by on25 September 2013


Star Citizen, from the creators of Wing Commander

Ritche Corpus, Director of ISV gaming and alliances, AMD, brought Ruby back to life, although this wasn’t the first time AMD showed the new Ruby demo. This is all part of AMD gaming evolved initiative, kind of a counterpart of The way it’s meant to be played.

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This is something that gamers wanted and we heard from Colette LaForce, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, that it was time to bring Ruby back. We cannot agree more as this use to be a fun part that kind of disappeared from AMD after the ATI acquisition. AMD tends to be somewhat conservative when it comes to marketing, but events such as the Hawaii launch for Hawaii kind of show us a new fresh start for PC gaming and graphics industry. It’s on baby, and Nvidia’s won’t stay cold hearted after AMD’s reinvented big event approach.

Ritchie also mentioned Battlefield 4 and that AMD and DICE have collaborated and showcased this game a few times, on AMD hardware. Battlefield 4 brings Frostbyte 3 engine optimized for Graphics Core Next with dynamic environments, superior character animations and tile based deferred rendering. Battlefield 4 supports DX 11.2, AMD Eyefinity and it is coming soon, including an exclusive bundle for BF4 R9 290X card.

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AMD mentioned Murdered, Lichdoom as the next generation games and great showcase for CryEngine 3.

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Star Citizen is also something the AMD dev relations team was eager to mention. It comes from the creator or Wing Commander. Designer Chris Roberts said that this is a AAA spaceship shooter. Since it is crowd-founded and got 19.9 USD million, they are ready to show it to off to 250,000 people who made the pledge to support this exciting title.

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The game is not fully functional yet, but even the demo of baby Start Citizen looks very impressive, with a full engine and limited functionality to see the ships, play around, explore the universe. The smallest ship in the game has 300,000 polygons, while the biggest one has 1.5 million.

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