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Activision’s mobile studio could be toast

by on04 February 2014

Blast Furnace rumoured to close

Activision could be gearing up to close its UK-based mobile studio The Blast Furnace. The dark satanic rumour mill has manufactured a hell of earth yarn the publisher does not think that the outfit has a future. 

Best known for creating Call of Duty: Strike Team, the Leeds-based studio's employee based are said to be taking part in an employee consultation process which suggests a pending studio sale or closure. Activision has stated it is trying to "keep The Blast Furnace together and develop a plan that will enable them to remain as a team" which suggests it might try to flog it.

An Activision spokesperson confirmed that the publisher "met with The Blast Furnace this morning and are currently discussing options for their future."

Back in August 2012, Activision's VP of mobile strategy Greg Canessa said his studio decided to open a UK studio because [the UK] "has some of the world's most talented game developers."

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