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No 1080p rendering yet for Titanfall

by on14 February 2014

Native 792p upconverted to 1080p in demo

Well, Titanfall does hit 60fps on the Xbox One with an upconverted resolution of 1080p. Digital Foundry has confirmed that it is rendering native at 792p 60fps and then upconverted to 1080p at 60fps. The news isn’t really that surprising considering what we have seen so far from other developers.

Respawn has confirmed that the demo is rendering at 792p, but has gone on to say that a resolution increase is still in the cards for the final game. Respawn is apparently working with Microsoft to optimize the rendering engine and tweaking it to squeeze as much performance as possible out the hardware scaler on the Xbox One out of it as possible prior to the release of the game. Respawn says that they are targeting a resolution of 900p at 60fps by the time the game launches.

1408x792 isn’t that bad and from what we have seen so far there is no need to worry that the game will look bad. Truth is however that what has become known as resolution-gate just will not seem to go away on the Xbox One. While we know that additional improvements are coming, we just wish that they would hurry up and get here to put an end to this resolution drama once and for all.

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