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Sony said to have passed on EA Access

by on31 July 2014

Not a good value to PlayStation Gamer

Sony apparently had the chance to get on board the Electronic Arts subscription train that the company calls EA Access, but Sony turned EA down. This decision made the EA Access program an exclusive for Xbox One only.

Sony apparently believes that the EA Access program does not represent good value to the PlayStation gamer. Instead Sony believes that PlayStation gamers are looking for memberships (subscriptions) that deliver a multitude of services that are across a number of devices for one low price. Sony seems to think that PlayStation Plus is the answer and asking players to add an additional $5 a month for EA Access isn’t something that they believe PlayStation Plus subscribers would want to pay for.

According to our sources, while Xbox One has the exclusive to EA Access at the moment, that does not mean it could be this way always. Should it prove successful on the Xbox One, it could make its appearance on the PlayStation 4 in the future, but it just will not be the near future. A lot of publishers are going to be watching EA Access to see of the model is really something that gamers want.

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