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Deep Silver buys Homefront: The Revolution

by on31 July 2014

Not clear yet what is part of this deal

Crytek has sold off the Homefront IP to Deep Silver. This means that the upcoming Homefront: The Revolution has had all of its development transferred to new Nottingham-based Deep Silver Damnbuster Studios. The game had been previously under development at Crytek UK. It is not clear if Deep Silver Damnbusters is just the renamed version of Creytek UK or it is in fact a brand new studio. We suspect that this will be cleared up in the next couple of days.

While Deep Silver seems thrilled to be able to latch on to Homefront: The Revolution and the Homefront IP, it would seem that this speculation over the situation at Crytek UK is over for the time being, but we can’t imagine that the infusion of cash for selling off the Homefront IP is enough that it will fix all of Crytek’s financial issues.

We are still waiting to hear more about the sale and Crytek’s long term prognosis and plans it was working on to secure the long term future of the company that it talked about last week. We have to believe that more is yet to some in the Crytek saga before it is over.

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