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Games will not be removed from EA Access

by on08 August 2014

Once a title is added, it is not going anywhere

While we know that Sony was not very high on EA Access, which has left Xbox One owners wondering if the new subscription digital library service is really that big of a deal. Of course the initial titles announced are just the first wave, and many already own most of those titles which is one reason that we keep hearing that it isn’t that big of a deal.

The other fear that many have voiced is EA’s ability to end access to a title when it feels like it. Apparently that will not be an issue as Peter Moore from EA says that the when a title is added to the Vault (which is EA’s name for the digital library) they will not be removing it.

In addition Moore says that EA Access is going to get its share of triple-A titles and while they have not made any additional announcements yet, he claims the titles that will be added will be substantial. The choose for which games were added first was strictly a franchise and timing thing.

While there is no time table on when titles will be added to the vault, EA is committed to EA Access and don’t look for it to go away any time soon.

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