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Ubisoft confirms no early access to The Crew

by on26 November 2014

Not sending out review copies till Monday

Ubisoft seems to be taking a page from Bungie’s book and announcing that it will not be sending out early review copies of The Crew. Instead reviews will have to wait till the servers are turned on 11am GMT Monday and of course they have a copy of the game to review.

The developers caution that because of the design of the game and the massive environment that the game has to offer, it take a lot more than the typical time reviews put into a game to play enough of The Crew to be able to form an accurate opinion of the game. So reviews that come out first might not be the clearest indication of the full potential of the game.

Also, because the servers are not yet switched on for the release version of the game and the game requires a constant connection to the server, those who might obtain an early copy are not going to be able to play them will 11am GMT Monday.

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