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Some Uplay users get The Crew download early

by on01 December 2014

Need to wait midnight to play

Back in November Nvidia announced a three-game Ubisoft bundle called Pick Your Path.

Since then two popular games launched and by the middle of November we got the troubled Assassin's Creed Unity and relatively bug free Far Cry 4. 

The third game from the list is a driving game called The Crew and the game just loaded on our Uplay account a ahead of launch. This is not an unusual practice, but we were not too happy to learn that it won't let you play the game just yet. It just lets you download it and wait for the 2nd, which is a nice way of keeping server load down. According to the official game website, the game officially launches on the 2nd of December worldwide and this 16GB game doesn’t let you access the online content of play until then. 


Buying a Geforce 900 or 700 series graphics card lets you choose between the Far Cry shooter, Assassin's Creed sneaker and puzzler, or high speed driving in The Crew. The circle will be completed in a few hours when the game official becomes available to the PC users.

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