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Could Quantic Dream go multiplatform?

by on10 September 2010

Heavy Rain developer looking at the options
Could it be that Heavy Rain developer Quantic Dream will be the next developer to go multiplatform with future releases? Sources tell us that this exact debate is going on internally within the company. Company founder David Cage is said to have recently hinted that the company is seeking a much wider audience for its next release, which would mean a multiplatform release.

Many companies are moving toward, looking at or have announced that they will be doing multiplatform releases going forward. The news isn’t surprising, as the development costs continue to escalate and the development time is longer, and companies are looking at options to maximize their profit on their investment. This will lead to a reduced number of exclusives on each platform.

Platform exclusives have been one way that each company was able to set its console apart from the others. In the future, the number of exclusive titles will be much less, which means that of course the differences between platforms will be less, as well. This will make a decision among platforms a bit more difficult.

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