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Ubisoft to bundle Michael Jackson’s glove

by on02 November 2010


With the upcoming game
You probably heard about the latest and greatest ways to make money off of dead people, but Ubisoft is keen to take it to another level by bundling MJ’s glove with its upcoming game Michael Jackson: The Experience.

The sparkly glove, called a “signature peripheral” by Ubisoft, has been created and will be shipping with first-day shipments. The bundle will be priced the same as regular edition but it will be marked for easier spotting. Usually we’d say that such an offer drastically reduces the chance of getting your mitts on this bundle, but with all due respect to the late pop star, in this case we simply can’t think of anyone who’d like to wear a dead man’s glove.

Ubisoft’s Tony Key says how this is “something that’s never been available before” and how the company sees this as “an opportunity to have fun with the glove”. He also suggested that “maybe the winner gets to wear the glove around the house, that kind of thing”. We on the other hand are not sure about recommending the latter, because we have a funny feeling that it will be the other way around.

Last modified on 02 November 2010
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