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Wii U controller is an indoor tablet

by on08 June 2011

“Portable gaming system” as well
Wii U controller is probably the biggest change on the Wii console for the future. It is essentially a 6.2 not-so-thin-tablet with a  touch screen that can help you in games.

It will act as a video calling device, help you browse the internet and even let you play the game after you turn on the TV to watch a game.  It’s a combination of analogue, motion sensors and a touch screen and it will make a console gaming more interesting, Wii U style of course.

We cannot help but notice that this is Nintendo’s way of delivering a tablet, that will need a console to power its engine. Another thing is that the battery might be an issue for such a device. We give it some 10 hours before you have to plug it in for charging. It also looks like you might be getting only one controller while the other players will rely on Wii motes from the current Wii generation.

Wii U mote will make some existing games more fun, as it ads more precision and you can target and catch a ball in baseball games for instance much more precisely. We see a lot of applications for this. We wonder what is the range of such a device and will it let you leave the living room and play it in your room.

With the introduction of HD gaming to Nintendo Wii U, graphics and games will get better and more competitive to the current Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. Unfortunately, we are not sure whether the provided graphics is going to be enough to go after the real next generation.

You can check out the Wii U controller in action, here.

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