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Burnout Crash to support Kinect

by on12 July 2011

First Burnout title that will do so
Burnout fans are loyal and very opinionated, from what we have seen. Some Burnout fans have already expressed reservations at the news that the Xbox 360 version of the game will be the first Burnout game that will offer Kinect support.

By holding your hands in the 12 and 2 position, it is similar to Joy Ride; this game, however, has been panned for its lack of more precise controls. With Kinect we still expect many Burnout veterans to pass on the title, as they likely don’t even own a Kinect.

The good news is that the game will still support the controller; so, if Kinect isn’t your bag, then you can use the controller with the game. It is expected that Microsoft will continue to push developers to make Kinect an optional control method for many upcoming titles.

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