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NCAA 12 broken by patch?

by on13 September 2011

That is apparently the case
EA Sports NCAA Football 12 fans are a bit unhappy, as the latest patch of the game has apparently broken a number of features and caused some strange bugs on others. The patch that was just recently released for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 version of the game has caused owners to get a bit steamed.

The patch is said to break a number of things such as no huddle mode, play calling, custom play books and the Dynasty Mode. Also, players continue to report “Transfer Failed” errors when attempting to upload the results of games in the online mode.

While EA reps in the forums suggest that the problems have been fixed, players don’t seem to think that this is the case, as they are still reporting the same problems. EA claims that they are looking into the issue, but there is no idea when another patch to fix the last patch might be in the pipeline.

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