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Shadow Complex 2 is designed

by on19 September 2011

Epic looks for partner to finish it
Cliff Blezinski has confirmed that the Chair Entertainment- developed Shadow Complex does indeed have a sequel that has been “largely designed” and the company has been seeking a partner to work with to finish it.

The confirmation seems to finalize the current status of the Shadow Complex 2 and falls right into the recent statement by Epic big boss Mike Capps where he said that developers working on the project were pulled to work on Infinity Blade for iOS. Rumors of a possible Shadow Complex conversion to iOS seem to be false at this point.

The first Shadow Complex was released on Xbox Live way back in 2009 to multiple awards and excellent sales on the Xbox 360. Players have been clamoring for Chair to develop a sequel. It seems, however, that it could be that a sequel will happen if Epic is able to find the right developer to partner with to get it done.

So, if you have been waiting, we would not give up hope for a sequel just yet.

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