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Close Quarters for BF3 has no Rush mode

by on19 March 2012

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Adds new Conquest Domination mode, however

News about the upcoming Battlefield 3 Close Quarters Expansion Pack is starting to trickle out the closer we get to release. Perhaps the most interesting news is that Close Quarters will not feature a “Rush mode”, but instead will offer a new “Conquest Domination mode” that better fits the intended theme surrounding this Expansion Pack release.

The Conquest Domination mode is inspired by the old Unreal Tournament’s Domination mode. The difference is that UT Domination mode took place in a very compressed and small map space, whereas Conquest Domination takes place on Battlefield 3 Maps that are adapted for the smaller spaces using the spawning system from the BF3 Team Deathmatch mode.

In testing, the mode apparently offers a number of new layers and strategies that are different and require different tactics to be successful with these maps.

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