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Development issues for Thief 4?

by on15 June 2012


Rumors suggest that it may be so

We have been hearing whispers for some time that Thief 4 has been in development at Eidos Montreal, but there has been little to confirm that this. Now, from an article that appeared on Kotaku, it would appear that the rumors of development difficulties could be accurate.

What seems to be the word now is that the game has been in development for nearly four years, and a number of people associated with the project have since departed. It seems the mess is complicated by a trailer that was leaked after it never was officially released. It has been suggested that Thief 4 was slated for a 2011 appearance but was pulled for reasons that still remain unknown.

With Deus Ex: Human Revolutions taking so long to make it out the door, one has to wonder what is going on, with still no official comment from Square Enix. While we have heard everything from ‘it is done, but it isn’t very good,’  to  ‘it needs significant debugging and polish before it would ever be released.’  It is hard to know where the bear really sits. Stay tuned, as we hear from lurkers in the shadows that official comment is coming soon; and that might even end with a cancellation of the project altogether.

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