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NFS: Most Wanted bonuses detailed

by on17 July 2012

Limited Edition version also confirmed

As has been EA’s pattern with most releases, the company will be releasing a Limited Edition version of Need for Speed: Most Wanted. Those that pre-order before October 30th will also get some pretty good incentives to do so.

Pre-ordering is the only way to assure that you will get the Limited Edition version of the game. The Limited Edition run will be limited and after they are gone, they are gone. Those getting the Limited Edition version will get unlocks for the Maserati GranTurismo MC Stradale and Porsche 911 Carrera S for use in multiplayer, and as a bonus these cars will give the player double speed points during the first four hours of multiplayer play.

As is becoming common, depending on where you pre-order will dictate which additional booster pack you will get. You will have three to choose from, which are speed, power, and strike. The speed pack gets you the Caterham Superlight R500 with the track tires and light weight chassis mods for improved handling and top speed. The power pack will give you the Ford F-160 SCT Raptor with the reinforced chassis and nitrous mods that give you the ability to absorb more damage and better survive takedowns. The strike pack includes the Mercedes Benz SL 65 AMD Black Series with powertrain and re-inflating tire mods, plus additional improvements for torque and acceleration; this gives the car better handling ability to deter rivals’ attempts to take the car down.

While it isn’t yet confirmed which retailer will offer which pack, we expect that info to be available in the next few weeks. What we do know is that you will want to get your pre-order in before October 30th, for sure.

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