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Bethesda undecided on the Wii U

by on10 September 2012

Could perhaps change down the road

Bethesda is undecided about bringing their future titles to the Wii U platform. While Bethesda’s strategy in the past has been to release its titles for all the platforms that support them, right now that does not include the Wii U. Bethesda’s Pete Hines, who is the Marketing and PR VP, does admit that this could change in the future; but that is down the road.

Some developers that we have spoken with seem to be more than a little gun-shy on development for the Wii U. This has led to a situation where Nintendo has had considerable difficulty gaining third party developer support for the Wii U. Recently, Ubisoft announced that it was putting the Wii U version of Ghost Recon Online on hold for the time being with little explanation why.

One developer that we spoke with said that part of the reason is that many of the titles his primary publisher has brought out for the Wii didn’t sell, and that has led to caution for both the developer and publisher when considering if they are going to do a Wii U version of upcoming releases.

“Some of this will resolve itself when the Wii U is released, and we see what the sales of the hardware and software look like right out of the gate,” said another developer. “I don’t think anyone really knows how well more hard core titles are going to sell on the Wii U yet, because no one really know if Nintendo is going to be successful at getting that hardcore gaming audience to purchase a Wii U,” an industry analyst has told us.

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