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Release of Destiny will be 1080p for Xbox One

by on22 July 2014

Released footage shows that they can do it

Despite not having the Destiny Beta for the Xbox One running at 1080p, Bungie has been working with Microsoft to optimize Destiny for 1080p on the Xbox One. New footage released to IGN shows that they have it running at 1080p at 30fps which means that the Xbox One version will match the graphical fidelity of the PlayStation 4 version.

Getting both consoles running at the same resolution with the same graphical fidelity was important to Bungie. While it isn’t going to end the squabbles on which console is better, it does show that the Xbox One can run games at 1080p and the graphical difference between the two consoles is going to be a moot point before long.

It is like we have said all along. Given enough time and some patience, we suspect that there will be little difference in graphics fidelity between the two systems. Some fan boys are just going to have to get used to the reality that this is a fact going forward.

See the video and learn more here.


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