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Bungie says to ignore Destiny reviews

by on09 September 2014

No way they could reflect the real experience

Bungie has launched what we would call a pre-emptive media strike. Taking to the official Bungie site the developer of one of the most hyped up games this year says, “We fully anticipate seeing day one reviews from folks who decide to kick the tires, but don’t have the time or patience to take our ride for a nice, long road trip.”

Bungie also points out that while some may wait till they see the final verdict from reviewers, “Reviewers have only been playing the final game for less than 24 hours.” Our translation is that while it is a valid point and we understand that in order to fairly review a game of this magnitude it does take time, but in the rushed get it out first video game review sites of today, it is sometimes difficult and near impossible to put in the time necessary to review a game like Destiny.

The embargo for the Destiny reviews lifts tomorrow morning UK time and we will see what the reviewers write, but despite the fact that Bungie is happy with the end result that is Destiny, the reality is that the reviews are coming too, but in the end it will be the people that decide the fate of game.

We just are not so sure that reminding buyers that reviewers have not had enough time to evaluate your game is the right approach to gaining more sales. We think the credibility of Bungie as a studio is credibility enough, Destiny will be successful no matter if you take a shot at the reviews or not.

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