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RV770, R700 is ATI?s second consecutive win

by on20 August 2008


Now Nvidia is in trouble

Many smart people in the computer graphics business have told us that it takes two wins to become a market leader. ATI made a strong impact with RV670 chips and Radeon 38x0 generation but RV770 is way more important.

RV770 has created Radeon HD 4000 generation and this chip is winning across the market as it is faster than Geforce 9800 GTX cards and at the same time two RV770 in R700 are faster than Geforce GTX 280.

Many partners are now not taking ATI for granted, and the market itself wants more ATI than in years. Even in official presentations ATI describes itself as a market leader which clearly underlines the fact that for the last two + years, ATI was a follower, walking in Nvidia’s shadow.

The tables have turned and RV730 and RV710 will simply make things worse for Nvidia, but the green goblin will shape up and try to catch up and win the crown back in 2009. We believe that all is lost for Nvidia in 2008, but we’ve been surprised before.

Last modified on 21 August 2008
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