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ATI wants to attack Nvidia in the workstation market

by on10 November 2008


Big deals in mind

is Nvidia’s holy grail. Nvidia has a 60 percent margin on Quadro products and if you compare it with less than 15 percent margins that it can earn with its gaming high-end cards, you can see how lucrative this market really is.

Nvidia has a market share of nearly 85 percent in the workstation market. ATI has the rest, and Intel's workstation Larrabee is in sight for 2H 2009. These numbers are likely to drop and change to Nvidia's disadvantage.

ATI’s strategy is rather simple, they want to get some of the big workstation OEM deals with big guys such as Dell and HP; and if they do that, they will easily capture a piece of the market and get its workstation revenue up.

ATI is working on an improved version of an OpenGL driver and we should expect some big design wins in early 2009, at least this is the plan. We will be watching this market closely, but all odds are on ATI’s side. ATI’s FireGL line is cheaper, will perform even faster than Nvidia’s and new driver will come shortly to make them look even better.
Last modified on 11 November 2008
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