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If CPU graphics succeed Nvidia will raise the bar

by on04 October 2010

That is what they do, so they claim
We asked a few Nvidia executives about the company's strategy in a few years when CPU integrated graphics become a reality. They believe that this doesn’t change a thing and that people simply want graphics that are better than integrated GPUs.

One of Nvidia’s VP, the one that likes to play drums and goes under the name Mr. Ujesh (Metallhead) Desai, told us that “If they (Intel and AMD) succeed we will raise the bar”. He continued: “Even if they (CPU graphics) does not succeed we will raise the bar, this is what we do."

This is Desai's answer to our story about entry level discrete graphics, which some believe will die by 2012 that you can read here. It is not necessary to underline that Nvidia does not agree with us or analysts.

According to a few sources AMD’s Ontario Fusion should ship with the Madison graphic core, or a mobile version of the Radeon HD 5600 series, something that looks like a decent graphics card and probably makes cards like Geforce GTX 430 or Radeon HD 5400 series look quite obsolete.

Sandy Bridge graphics also look promising as you can play Starcraft 2 on it. This graphics core might actually eat some of the entry level discrete market, but many people will stille prefer discrete.
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