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AMD updates workstation cards

by on24 May 2011

Firepro v7900 and v5900 is with us
Chipdesigner AMD has released a new workstation range of cards with the catchy titles Firepro V5900 and Firepro V7900.

The two workstation video cards are based on its Northern Islands Cayman GPU and will be targeting the mid-range and high-end of the market. AMD's Firepro V5900 uses the Cayman LE GL chip featuring 512 stream processors. It has 2GB of GDDR5 memory and a bandwidth of 64GB/s.  There are two Displayport 1.2 connections and a single dual-link DVI port. As you would expect there is the Crossfire option.

The Firepro V7900 has a Cayman GPU and a pimped memory bandwidth to 160GB/s.  The onboard memory remains at 2GB and it burns 150W. The goal of this card is to give punters a quad display support and stereoscopic 3D. Both cards support Displayport 1.2, which allows for monitors to be daisy-chained. The Firepro V5900 and the Firepro V7900 will ship on 24 May, with price tags of around £370 and £620.
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