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Nvidia releases Geforce Experience

by on07 December 2012

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Only in Beta for now

Nvidia talked about its Geforce Experience earlier this year and has now released a beta version available for the first 10,000 registered users.

In case you missed it, Nvidia, with the help of a survey done last year, claims that more than 80 percent of PC gamers are leaving their games at default settings thus missing out all the eye candy. That is where Geforce Experience comes in and optimizes, or rather sets the game to run smoothly with as much eye candy possible on that hardware.

Currently in beta, the Geforce Experience only supports Fermi and Kepler GPUs as well as just 32 games. The software will access Nvidia's cloud-based supercomputer and test the game by turning on settings until the previously determined FPS target is reached. It aims to bring maximum bang for the buck by providing the most visual benefit and least stress on the GPU so texture quality gets cranked up first and AA is enabled last.

If the survey was spot on, the Geforce Experience should ba a nice and easy way to set your game to run with maximum possible eye candy without tinkering around the options part of the game.

You can check out more info here and in the video below. 

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Last modified on 07 December 2012
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