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Nvidia to start selling G78

by on23 March 2007
The first 65 nanometre part

Nvidia is working hard to introduce one more chip. This one will be very interesting to its OEMs as AIB's didn't even start talking about.

Add in board partners are focusing on the DirectX 10 parts and soon to come Geforce 8600 GTS / GT launch as well as the 8500 launch.

But G78 is actually a DirectX 9 part based on the G72 marchitecture and the most important it is 65 nanometre. This is nothing much more than Geforce 7300 shrinked and made for 65 nanometre libraries. This process includes a lot of redesigning as going from 90 nanometredesign to a 65 is a huge step.  

The die size should be around 60 square mm and the production is expected by late March or April time. These cards will fight X1050 cards and 7100 cards from Nvidia and they might end up cheaper than both.

G78 has 64 bit memory interface and should score around 800 in 3Dmark06.

Last modified on 23 March 2007
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