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G100 supports Cuda 2

by on30 March 2007

A new Nvidia likes math

Good news for all of you GPGPU lovers. The next generation Nvidia will support Cuda 2 and should be even better for these science calculations. CUDA in south Slavic languages would mean plural of a miracle, and this is actually what Nvidia is all about.

The brand new G100 chip will support Cuda 2. It took us a while to learn what Cuda stands for. It is an acronym for "compute unified device architecture". It obviously uses Unified Shaders for its mathematical calculations . This is a new way to do the science super computer calculations and obviously a graphics chip is much faster than a CPU.

We don’t know what is the new thing that Cuda 2 brings, but Nvidia's G100 will support it. It is still scheduled for Q1 2008 and it might be even smaller than 65 nanometre.



Last modified on 30 March 2007
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