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More 8600 / 8500 cards announced

by on17 April 2007


Gainward, Albatron, Leadtek and Sparkle 


Today, every vendor that produce Nvidia based cards and means something, announced its 8x00 line of mid-range cards.

Gainward followed the trend and came out with two 8600 GTS and two 8600 GT based cards. All of them are looking sexy. We tested one of its Bliss 8600 GTS and you can read about it here. The other 8600 GTS is the Golden Sample version that is a bit overclocked. One of the 8600 GT is passively cooled. 



Next in line is Albatron, three cards based on 8600 GTS, 8600 GT and 8500 GT. Nothing special about them, Albatron didn't go far from the reference design and cloked the cards as much as Nvidia recommended. 




VGA GPU Core Clock Mem Type Mem On-board
8600GTS GeForce® 8600 GTS 675 MHz DDR III 2000 MHz 128-bit 256 MB
8600GT GeForce® 8600 GT 540 MHz DDR III 1400 MHz 128-bit 256 MB
8500GT GeForce® 8500 GT 450 MHz DDR II 800 MHz 128-bit 256 MB


Leadtek did some more work and came up with total of five cards. The Extreme series from Leadtek has always been good. 





And Sparkle also had three new cards. 






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