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Asus external graphics still delayed

by on15 June 2007


Testing what can go wrong

We asked around about Asus XG station and we learned that the company is still doing a compatibility testing. This product was suppose to be launched in April or May timeframe and already got delayed before as Asus wanted to be sure that 8600 cards will run with it.

Today Asus is still testing the product and getting ready to ship and its big competitor MSI has its own version at the table. Asus wants to be sure that once you plug your PCIe graphic card, that it will simply work with the station and that is a lot of compatibility testing.

MSI wont ship its baby until pre Xmas time but it is getting ready. We hope that Asus can get its external graphic station as soon as possible, but the cool thing is that you can plug any modern PCIe card inside and it will work.


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