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Zotac has HDMI on all Geforce 8 cards

by on05 September 2007


Just as we wrote


Zotac International has officially announced today that all graphics cards based on Nvidia Geforce 8 series will feature HDMI with audio and video over the DVI-HDMI adapter. We wrote about this during the Games Convention and you can check it out here.

Zotac will be the first Nvidia partner to ship the entire product lineup from its top performance Geforce 8800 GTX AMP! edition to the entry level 8400GS with DVI-HDMI adapter and S/PDIF cable. The HDMI support is no longer limited to the mid-range and entry level cards.

We've already seen the 8500GT and 8400GS, and 8600 cards should follow up soon. The interesting thing is that 8800 series cards will get HDMI, and Zotac will be the first one to have it.

Last modified on 05 September 2007
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